Yoga inSpiral


Our next yoga holiday takes place in a wonderful homestead between the sky and the sea, where centuries-
old olive trees, citrus fruit orchards and officinal plants are the backdrop to the rural home which dates
back to the eighteenth century.
A warm wood floor for yoga practice, and all around the most beautiful view on the gulf of Positano, will be
our beginning of each day.

La Selva, Via Pestella, 118, 84017 Positano SA

August 7 th to 13 th , 2023

Shared accommodation(doble,triple,quad), with shared bath (linens and towel provided).
A spirit of community is necessary in this typical homestead experience, as we will share every space.
Light breakfast before morning yoga class(ginger and lemon tea, fresh fruits, warm water)
An abundant vegetarian brunch, made with fresh seasonal organic produce grown in the garden(extra
virgin olive oil, honey, fruit jam, marmalade, bread, gluten free and lacto free products included) and
vegetarian dinner.
La Selva is reachable only by foot(30 minutes of a panoramic trail) from Positano. We will take care of your
The closest airport is Napoli. The best connected train station is Salerno, from where we suggest to get the
ferry to Positano.

3:00 p.m we walk together to La Selva, from the port of Positano. Our bags will be delivered for free to the
6:00 /7:30 opening circle and guided meditation
8:00 dinner
9:00 program logistic and infos
7:00/7:50 morning chant, Pranayama and guided vipassana meditation
8:00/9:15 yoga flow, energy and awakening of the body

10:00 Brunch and free time
6:30/7:30 yin yoga, peaceful and relaxful atmosphere
8:00 dinner
9:00/10:00 Satsang, Bhagavad Gita lecture and sharing thoughts
7:00/7:50 Morning chant, Pranayama..
8:00/9:15 Yoga flow, energetic sequences and balance
10:00 Brunch and free time
6:30/7:30 Yin yoga and myofascial release
8:00 dinner and free time
7:00/7:50 Morning chant…
8:00/9:15 yin & yang yoga
10:00 Brunch
11:30 naturalistic excursion to “Monte Pertuso”. 4 hours go and back with refreshing stop at the river.
6:30/7:30 Chakra guided meditation.
8:00 dinner and free time
7:00/7:50 Morning chant
8:00/9:15 yoga flow, building strength and fluidity
6:30/7:30 eye contact, body proprioception and heart chakra centering
8:00 dinner and free time
7:00/7:50 Morning chant
8:00/9:15 yin & yang yoga, calm and energy
10:00 Brunch and free time
6:30/7:30 pranayama and yin yoga
8:00 dinner
9:00 closing circle
7:00/7:50 morning chant
7:30/8:30 partner yoga
9:00 breakfast and leaving

We’ve been organizing meditation and yoga retreats in nature for years.
Here’s our previous retreat
What people say about us:
Meditation teacher and owner of the holistic center “Samadhi”
He’s been working in the bio natural disciplines from 2008, when he got carried away by what it was at the
beginning a new and unknown world, the spirituality, and the oriental disciplines such as meditation and
He spent a good part of his life deep in the soul of spirituality, India, and he learned different massage
techniques such as Thai massage.
At the end, he believes wellness is a state of harmony between yourself, the environment you live in, and
people around you.
He is a professional masseur and a vipassana meditation teacher, he teaches pranayama techniques and
devotional singing; he also plays the handpan during his classes.
Simone put his tools available at the others’ self-realization, and so, the Universal realization.

ALICE (Yoga teacher
Nature, is her best teacher. She loves travelling and exploring the world, and she’s been practicing yoga
since 2011.
Together with meditation, those tools have become a daily help to go in deep of her Self, cultivating an
healthy state of mind and a strong body. As travelling, yoga is another way of exploring something very
close to you, the closest most important treasure you need to take care of.
Yoga teaches how important awareness is, and how that makes the difference in each steps you take in
your life. Yoga is wellness of your body, is learning how your breath is fundamental, how you are the first
responsible for your own body, and how important is to take care of it, in different ways. Yoga is a life stile.
Alice has graduated as Yoga teacher in 2015 after years of personal practice. She carries on studying
with Arely Torres and Jo Phee, the yin yoga practice, the anatomy and the importance and respect of
everyone’s body difference, the Chinese medicine and the energetic meridians, together with myofascial
realease and complementary yoga that works on strength and balance.

A 250€ of not refundable deposit is requested, as confirmation of booking
Bank details
Simone Tagliabue
IT55F0503433872000000001167 “Positano 2023”.
Paypal is also possible

Water bottle, warm clothes or blanket for yoga classes, hiking shoes, comfy clothes for hiking and classes,
swimsuit, sunscreen, headlamp or any kind of torch. Yoga mats are available at the house.
Simone 3487425325
Alice 331 7156213
Our classes are for all level of experience, even for new practitioners, as we take care of giving you
alternatives when needed, to feel comfortable in your practice.
Yin yoga
It targets the deep tissues of our body, ligaments, bones, fascia. Those need time to get stressed and
stimulated. We hold poses for time, to reach a quiet and contemplative state.
This practice works on our flexibility and mobility and it helps keeping an healthy and flexible body.
This is a complementary practice to a “yang” one, such as hatha or vinyasa, which work more on strength.
Yoga flow
Complementary to yin yoga, works on fluidity, movement, balance and strength. It is a good practice to
awake the body in morning and feel energetic and ready for the day
Vipassana meditation
Awareness, presence and listening to “here and now” feeling and sensation. Through self-observation of
our mind, accepting and letting go we connect with our deepest soul, the place where we can really see,
listen and understand who we really are.
Myofascial release
It is a type of manual therapy technique, that involves applying gentle pressure into the Myofascial
connective tissue, used to treat chronic pain, and prevent rigidity and lack of movement.